• About YAYbourhood

    YAYbourhood is about spreading cheer in our community. Whether big or small, your positive actions can create change that lasts.  Our hope, is that you too, will find a small act that will evoke change.


The smile initiative was born from a small act that created a ripple effect of joy that spread throughout the city.  In 2015, our Rohit team decided to spread some joy on Happiness Day to those residents who bought homes in our community.  At 6am in the morning, we gave out free coffees to residents leaving for work, and then once they left, dropped happiness packages off on their doorsteps.

Later that summer, we found ourselves stuck in an Edmonton heat wave of 34 degrees.  The economy was struggling, and our company had meek feelings about finding success in a barren market.  Ten of us got together to brainstorm.  What could we do to bring us out of this funk, even if it was something small?  So, we came up with a plan  to spread some cheer in the summer heat by paying for pool admissions at the outdoor Edmonton pools so the public could enjoy some relief from the heat.

From these small acts, YAYbourhood was born.  We combined our idea that we build “neighbourhoods” with the fact that we want people to always feel good and express the “YAY” in where they live.  Simply, we want people to LOVE WHERE THEY LIVE!

Our Purpose

Our goal is to motivate you to join in and create joy in your own way. If each of us did one small positive thing every day, imagine how much better this community of ours would be!  You see, happiness doesn’t cost much, if anything.  We’d like every person to jump on our bandwagon of joy and spread some of their own today.

At Rohit, we believe that every person deserves a compliment and an opportunity to experience joy. Our YAYbourhood team strives to spread joy in our community with our small acts of kindness.

Our people & our company

Rohit Group of Companies is a family run business that started from scratch with a good idea. It was built through hard work, a sense of pride, and respect for the community to which it belongs. With families in mind, the company continues to think of employees and our competitors with a humble heart. Giving back to the community that has been it’s home for over 30 years is a privilege!

Rohit Group consists of several different departments that specialize in creating homes, neighbourhoods and commercial opportunities.  Click below to learn about each of our businesses.

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Rohit Group is continuing to grow and we are always in search of new talent.  Do you have something unique to bring to our team?

Check out our career opportunities, or send your resume to careers@rohitgroup.com.

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